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Web ink Digital Design – Freelance WordPress Developer in Johannesburg

I am the senior developer and director at Fat Possum Media Junkies based in Craighall, Johannesburg with a passion for the power and versatility of WordPress. I focus on creating visually appealing, high-impact sites for large businesses and start-ups alike. I provide professional services on WordPress such as custom themes and plugins and start-to-finish projects. I also build template based websites for clients starting out on a tighter budget.

Why Custom WordPress Development?

Of all the out-the-box web development software available I have found that WordPress is the most reliable, flexible and trustworthy open source platform. When you combine my 8+ years of experience in web development and design with the incredible resource that is WordPress you are guaranteed a professional, magnetic and dynamic site.

Since the inception of Web ink Design I have utilised numerous other platforms in the web-space. All the time keeping my eyes and ears open for new developments. I have fine tuned my development skills on other platforms, dealing with intense coding and other challenges. But each time I have had to create something new for my clients I have realised that WordPress is either about to make a plugin or already has one that fulfills my client’s needs. So by using WordPress plugins and the WordPress platform I ensure that you save on development costs whilst still getting a premium finished product.

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