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So, what is HTTPS and should I use it?

What is it:
HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) in a nutshell is an encryption method used by a domain to secure data such as any important user information i.e. Credit card info or any other personal info relating to your clients.

Should I use it.
On any pages that handle any kind of user data HTTPS is essential, but for a small blog type website the standard HTTP should generally be more than enough.
HTTPS also does play a small factor in Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) score, so if you do want a very small boost to SEO then switch over to HTTPS. This could possibly change in the future but currently the score boost is not very noticeable.
So, all in all having an HTTPS site gives your users more security and a small boost to your SEO score but how do you know if you are running HTTPS, there will be a little closed lock icon next to your website URL.


We have upgraded from PHP5 to PHP7, and here is why you should do the same

With the newest stable release of the PHP framework (PHP 7.2.4) being released on the 29th of March 2018, we thought it was the right time to upgrade. And so far, we were right.
Here are a few reasons we changed.

1. PHP 7 runs off the new Zend Engine.
If your site is running on any PHP 5.x release then you are running the old Zend Engine II, with the release of PHP 7.0 the newer engine called PHPNG (Next Generation) has been used.

2. PHP 7 is a lot faster.
Statistics taken off the Zend website ( https://www.zend.com/en/resources/php7_infographic ) clearly show that the new PHP 7 framework is loading pages a lot faster than the older PHP 5 framework is, so if you want a noticeable speed boost to your site please get in touch and we will help you with a general page load audit and upgrade service to your WordPress website.

3. PHP 7 takes up less hosting space.
With the upgrade came the optimisation of how the framework handled memory, which means you need less servers running to be able to handle the same number of users.
There are also quite a few programming updates that have us developers really impressed, however it is out of the scope of this article. In short PHP 7.x is a lot faster and more efficient than its predecessor, and will help run your website generally better. If there are any specifics you would like to know, or if you are interested in upgrading, please get hold of us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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