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Most companies today are integrating Google Analytics into their WordPress websites and here is why you should ask us to do the same for yours

Firstly, why use Google Analytics in the first place?
Google Analytics is a tool developed by Google to help you as a business understand your customers better by giving you information into:

  1. The time they spend on your site and your pages.
    Knowing what pages and posts are the most popular will allow you to determine which content you should post about more often, and help bring in more traffic.
  2. How the users are coming to your site.
    This will allow you as a company to see which marketing strategies are yielding the best results and to allow you to focus on the best strategies.
  3. What they are doing on your site.
    Which pages are they mostly viewing, how long are they staying on your site, and which pages do they leave on are all tracked and allow you to better understand what your clients want.

We at Web Ink are well versed in the integration of Google Analytics into WordPress websites and the construction of well designed, beautiful, and SEO friendly WordPress websites. If you would like to run Google Analytics on your WordPress site or are just looking for a fresh new site in 2018, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!

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