Web Design

Web Design and Development forms the Foundation of your Online Presence

Web design and development combines aesthetic look and feel, goal driven layout and functionality to present information that is relevant to your client / potential clients and is easily accessible.

I take on all sized projects which are optimised for your needs and budget. You might need a standard 4 page website with a contact form and a gallery or a 30 page plus corporate website with a booking or events system, a social network and the ability to embed media via platforms such as YouTUBE or Soundcloud. I take on all jobs enthusiastically.

Yes it’s All WordPress

When you know the WordPress platform like I do then you can get that extra bit of mileage out of the design and the development of your site. I keep abreast of the very latest add-ons and plugins for WordPress, as well as customizing where needed. Due to my extensive knowledge you always win because I am able to reduce the development costs where the plugins are already available, and if they’re not then I can build what you need from scratch at a very competitive rate, ensuring your customers have the very best online experience on your site. WordPress is also designed for ranking; SEO needs to be maintained but WordPress speeds up the process.

Web Design Workflow

My workflow is systematic. Once you have completed the client questionnaire I compile a brief and submit up to 3 different styles / layouts for you to choose from. I then complete a final home page layout for you to approve. When the layout has been approved, it is sent in for development and uploaded to a testing server or directly to your domain. I give you a couple of days to play with the site and then I fix any bugs before I go live.

Turnaround time is generally between 4 to 8 weeks. This depends on the complexity of the project. In order for me to complete the project within the time frame I ask that you provide all required content (logo’s, images, text, etc.) at the project start.