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WordPress mobile app integration

Integrate your WordPress website with a mobile app

Get access to a whole new level of consumer engagement with WordPress mobile app integration – A mobile app pulls data directly from your WordPress website and exposes functionality for users to interact with that data in new and interesting ways.

WordPress mobile app integration

Why integrate a mobile app with WordPress specifically?

WordPress is becoming a full-blown application framework and the core developers have built an API for WordPress – this is huge! It basically means that content from a WordPress website can be read, created and updated from any other platform, including mobile apps.

The other major benefit is that WordPress, as a CMS, is a fantastic and familiar way to manage your app content.

Your business needs its own app

You will notice that mobile apps for businesses are popping up everywhere – even small to medium operations such as your local coffee shop, or the beauty salon.

Benefits for consumers:

  • Easy to use and convenient
  • Mobile apps are generally very easy to install and take only a few minutes to learn how to use. This means that consumers have an accessible way to interact with your business almost immediately.
  • A mobile app makes it easy for customers to get in touch with your company and receive physical directions to your establishment.
  • Consumers are are to receive immediate notifications with time sensitive information such as special offers, promotions and reminders.


Benefits for your business

  • On average consumers spend nearly 2 hours a day on their mobile phone and unconsciously seeing your app as they scroll around increases your brand visibility.
  • Through push notifications, you’re getting even closer to personal and direct interaction with your customers. You can easily remind them of your products and services for example with general info, new pricing / products, bookings and news feeds.
  • Make it easier for people to interact with your brand with improvements on existing offerings such as loyalty programmes and rewards systems.

Examples of app features / uses

Events, online stores, bookings, location-specific information, specials, chat service, forums, file uploads, vouchers / loyalty, newsletters, digital magazines, customer support, profile / account management.

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