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From Constantinople
to the new world.

We have worked with all sizes of companies

Web Ink is a global creative agency headquartered in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.
We offer services in advertising, web design and development, and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Established in 2000, we’ve managed to out-joust most of the competition in just a few short years. Our small and flexible teams allow us to keep our overheads (and your costs) low, while delivering work of the higheststandards. And we don’t just do great work. We measure it too with actionable reporting, so you can rest assured you won’t be sold any snake oil here. Our work is the stuff of legends.

Our Quest

Who needs a storefront when you can sell directly from your website? Who needs expensive TV
commercials when a little SEO can ensure the right people discover your brand at the right time? And who needs a costly package of one-size-fits-all digital marketing solutions when a single, affordable solution can deliver the same results?

This is our quest: to make yours simpler, more affordable, more enjoyable and
more rewarding through expertly crafted digital solutions.

liam webink creatives in advertising


Liam has almost a decade of experience in graphic design, marketing
and user experience design. He leads the SEO team, provides strategic assistance to all teams and he calls you back everytime! Liam also has a curated network of world class suppliers for any size of project.

CEO | Strategist

henry app developer near me


Henry is the founding member of Web Ink and has a decade of Web Development and training experience. Henry has a passion for teaching, technology and his technical expertise is vital to any challenging projects.

Senior Web Developer | Founder

lauren online marketing agency


Lauren is passionate about solving business problems through digital solutions. Lauren is vibrant and enthusiastic, she loves working with clients and getting to understand their businesses. Her primary goal has always been to develop lasting relationships.
Operations Manager


Grant has been a vital part of the team since the early Web Ink days. Grant is a Fullstack Web developer and a WordPress specialist. Grant is also a qualified C# software developer and is responsible for much of our in-house hosting infrastructure.

Web Developer | SEO

sthe webink website developer near me


Sthe is a fullstack web developer and is responsbile for many of our cloud based and custom web development projects. When Sthe is not plugged in he can be spotted near the the heaviest plates in the gym.

Web Developer | SEO

google ads management

We have backup

Something missing? Can’t find what you’re looking for? Searching for more, perchance? Never fear, for we have allies: trusted third party suppliers and partner agencies working at our side to deliver the highest quality work, even beyond the borders of our core capabilities.