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Search Engine Optimization: Unleash Your Digital Excalibur

What wields the power to give your brand its edge…its digital Excalibur? Alas, the perfect digital marketing strategy cannot be plucked from a stone. It requires skill and practice. As a renowned digital marketing agency and respected SEO services company in South Africa, Web Ink possesses the expertise to forge your path to success.


The key(word) to triumphing in the battle of brands on Google’s organic search results page is SEO. It’s a modern form of sorcery that transforms words into portals, guiding people straight to your brand’s threshold: your website.

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Unleash our SEO forces for your rankings quest:


On-site SEO

When you cannot take your brand to the masses, let the masses come to you with increased website traffic. Our guaranteed techniques encompass comprehensive keyword research, content optimisation, and meticulous meta-tagging, ensuring your brand shines in search results.


Technical SEO

Unlock the hidden forces of technical SEO with our expert spellcasters. From optimising robots.txt to verifying with Google Search Console, correcting crawl errors, creating XML sitemaps, and optimising structure, design, URLs, and mobile responsiveness, we fortify your digital fortress against any obstacle.


Off-page SEO

Building strong alliances is crucial in the realm of SEO. Our SEO wizards specialise in link-building, brand promotion, and local optimisation, catapulting your brand’s visibility, reputation, and authority across the digital landscape.


Content creation

Enter a realm of captivating website prose, viral blog content, and thought-provoking thought leadership pieces. Our team of digital Shakespeares stands ready to craft spellbinding content tailored specifically to your brand, engaging and inspiring your audience.


Advanced functionality

Elevate your website or application with Merlin-grade magic, captivating your visitors with awe-inspiring features. From enchanting chatbot functionality to captivating animations and immersive AR and VR integration, our sorcerers weave digital wonders that leave a lasting impression.


Advanced reporting

Every adventure holds valuable lessons, but only if you pay attention. Our detailed reporting empowers you to measure and master the impact of our SEO efforts, gaining valuable insights to refine your digital strategy and achieve greater success.


Local Package

• Ideal for Small Business

• Dominate in your local Area

• Cyclical keyword research

$ 480 / ZAR 4980 pm

Provincial/State Package

• Ideal for Small to Medium 

• Dominate in your Province/State

• Cyclical keyword research

$ 3980 / ZAR 38 800 pm

National Package

• Larger Companies

• National Domination

• Cyclical keyword research

$ 6980 / ZAR 98 700 pm

Continental Package

• Large companies

• Continental Domination

• Cyclical keyword research

$13 980 / ZAR 248 000

Global Package

• Take over the world

• World Domination

• Cyclical keyword research


Additional Google Marketing:


Search Ads

When reaching the masses becomes paramount, our search ads guarantee increased website traffic through targeted keyword research, content optimisation, and meta-tagging.


Display Ads

Optimise your display ads with expert guidance, ensuring optimal structure, design, URLs, and mobile responsiveness. Reach the masses where they converge online and direct them to your online fortress.


Google Shopping

Unleash the power of Google Shopping to enhance your brand’s visibility, conquer new territories, and promote your products with expert link-building, brand promotion, and local optimization.


Youtube Truview

Capture the hearts of your audience with sparkling website prose, viral blog content, and thought-provoking thought leadership pieces. Our digital Shakespeares await, ready to pen captivating stories that showcase your brand’s unique voice.


Google Discovery Ads

Unleash the power of Google Discovery Ads and embark on an extraordinary journey to expand your brand’s reach across new digital realms. At Web Ink, we harness the might of this cutting-edge advertising format  to captivate your audience and propel your brand to new heights.

Captivate your audience and reach new heights

Unleash the full potential of your digital presence with Web Ink. Together, we shall conquer the digital realm and make your brand a legendary force to be reckoned with.

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